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Your goal is to do your best when riding or caring for your equine friends.  Our goal is to offer you the best affordable Dressage tack and apparel to make that easy. 

C U at X Tack, affordable Dressage tack from all over the world, imported and quality tested by us.  So you can do your best!

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Montar Breeches, the best riding pant available!

Would you like the freedom of a yoga pant coupled with grippiest of grips when you're in the saddle?  We did, and in searching for just that we found Montar; a Danish company that creates fashion forward riding wear and equestrian apparel.  Trust us, once you ride in a pair you will find yourself cycling your other brands out of the closet.  Made of a super comfortable fabric called Yati, we have focused on the silicone full seat pants for men & women.  Knee grip and skin are available by special order.  Truly the most comfortable riding pant you will put on.  But don't take our word for it, order a pair and try them for yourself!