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Crystal Fabric II Browband


Brand JUDI

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JUDI Crystal Fabric II Classic Browband

- The Crystal Fabric II has a deeper arch than the Crystal Fabric - Width: 18 mm
- All JUDI front straps are made by hand in Erp (North Brabant)
- Also available in shared headpiece
- On all JUDI front straps you get a 3 year warranty: the Swarovski crystals can't fall out thanks to the silver sleeve around the stone


  • Swarovski design: Classic
  • Leather: Lacquer black (the perfect combination with Swarovski Crystal Fabric and a black bridle)
3 Year Warranty

SWAROVSKI crystals from JUDI remain in place

3 year warranty; that's what you get when you buy a front strap, bridle, plastron or other Judi item. The Swarovski crystal is guaranteed to remain in place thanks to the silver sleeve around the stone; vacuum is squeezed into the products.
Each Swarovski crystal from JUDI sits in a separate sleeve with a kind of open pin on the bottom. We press these one by one into the leather where the pin is split into the leather. As a result, the sleeve with the Swarovski crystal is stuck in the leather.